Hemp Felt (Rolls / Bands)


  • underneath floating (wooden) floors
  • insulation underneath floor slabs (or upon old floors to isolate of new
  • against aerial noises and of impact (acoustic rupture between hard and
    resonant materials)
  • put upon wood board in ceilings, it allows its ventilation
  • for expansion joints

Unit size: Roll / Band
Minimum purchase: $500
Ships from: Spain
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

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    Hemp Felt (Rolls / Bands)Cannabric (Hemp-Clay Bricks)Cannahabitat (Hemphurds)

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    • Rolls of 1,00 m * 25 m (= 25 m²), 5 mm thickness
    • Bands of 10 cm x 5 m x 5 mm

    Raw materials:

    • Felt = hemp fiber 75%, recycled jute fiber 25%.
    • 100% vegetable material. Free of synthetic fibers.

    Physical characteristics:

    • Average density 750 g/ m²
    • Average thickness 5 mm
    • Color hemp (beige – light brown)
    • Elastic material (similar to a carpet)