Cannahabitat (Hemphurds)

Hemp hurds and hemp light- mortar
Flat and extended particles of variable dimensions of 2-25 mm

Unit size: 1 sack of 20 kg
Minimum purchase: $500
Ships from: Spain
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

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    Cannahabitat (Hemphurds)Cannabric (Hemp-Clay Bricks)Hemp Felt (Rolls / Bands)

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    Packaging: Voluminous sacks of 20 kg (palets of 24 sacks; 0,80m x 1,20m x 2,80m)

    Application range:

    • like loose filling (in walls with air chamber and ceilings)
    • to make insulating mortars (for base floor slabs, first floor slabs, roofs, cupolas, vaults, render and plaster)