Calcatex Lime-Based Paints

Calcatex is an enriched lime paint that produces breathable finishes — crucial to creating a healthy environment.

Calcatex lime paints are:

  • Breathable and moisture-regulating;
  • Electrostatically neutral;
  • Cleansing and disinfecting;
  • Ideal for porous surfaces;
  • Incomparable color shading;
  • Available in 44 colors and in white.

Unit size: per piece, per pallet
Minimum purchase: $500
Ships from: Belgium
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

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    Calcatex Lime-Based Paints

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    Calcatex is an enriched lime paint that produces breathable finishes — crucial to creating a healthy environment. By combining lime with casein, we obtain a fine wall paintsuitable for both indoor and outdoor application. In the U.S. such paints are called milk paint, because the casein is extracted from milk. Lime casein paints are among the oldest paints in the world;  both the ancient Romans as the ancient Egyptians used such paints, which have been preserved even until today.

    Calcatex lime paint is suitable for alkali surfaces. This paint adheres so smoothly on fresh cement, concrete, lime, plaster, clay, paper, etc.
    Normally a primer is not required.
    Older plaster, inside and outside, older cement paints, old limestone layers, clay layers and the like, are ’nourished’ by applying fresh lime and are thus reinforced.

    Calcatex comes in powder form:

    • Transportation is easier;
    • You buy paint, not expensive water;
    • All kinds of preservatives and additives can be omitted;
    • In powderform, all colours are easy to mix
    • If stored dry and airtight, they keep their properties for many years

    Calcatex consists of the following natural ingredients: lime (hydrated lime), casein, Venetian marble powder, barytes (mineral), natural earth colours, borax. Only the colour white is a processed mineral pigment, while the blue and the green are synthetic organic pigments.
    That all those pigments are non-toxic, of course we take this for granted.

    In case of any adhesion problems, like on existing synthetic paint layers, eg., it is necessary to add an additional binder or to use a synthetic primer. But this will influence the natural breathing and moisture regulating capacities of our Calcatex in a negative way.

    Our products are sustainable and ecological responsible, in fact we are protecting the environment for the sake of the environment itself. Lime paint is not just a paint, it’s a lifestyle, a ‘savoir vivre’, a way to create a unique atmosphere in a contemporary way, a personal lifestyle.