HempTrade is operated under the auspices of the Poland-based Nakło Foundation, which supports environmental protection, entrepreneurship and thought leadership globally; and historical preservation, economic development, cultural and other community building activities at the local level. In both cases, hemp is a big part of what we do.

HempTrade is a part of the HempToday family of communications services which since 2014 has been helping stakeholders all over the world connect with each other, and to work together toward the common goal of a vibrant, well-functioning hemp industry. Our network stretches from Europe to North and South America, Asia and Africa. We offer a wide range of PR, marketing, design and other communications services specifically for the hemp industry.

Other Foundation activities

HempToday Center/Poland – Our Center is not only home to our family of HempToday media and communications services, but also a place for learning, inspiration and experimentation. Located in the Palace at Nakło in south central Poland, we also host a series of thought-leader mini-summits that bring together hemp industry stakeholders and experts from all over the world.

To Grow a Village is a private initiative for rural economic development located in south-central Poland. We believe growing industrial hemp and the development of low-level local hemp processing and manufacturing facilities holds great potential to expand the economies of Poland’s rural villages, towns and counties.

The Palace at Nakło Bed & Breakfast is one of Poland’s top rated bed & breakfasts, attracting guests to our beautiful part of Poland from all over the world. And when you stay with us, you’ll leave knowing you’ve helped save a bit of Polish history and contributed to the growth of our local economy. Your room fees go directly to The Nakło Foundation, which is dedicated to maintaining the Palace as a historical treasure under the protection of the Polish National Heritage Institute. The Foundation also supports a wide range of local economic development and cultural activities.

Kehrt Reyher

Kehrt Reyher, founder of HempTrade

A veteran American business journalist and publisher based in Europe, Kehrt Reyher is founder of HempToday.net and HempTrade, an online bulk/wholesale industrial hemp trading platform.

He is also a co-founder of The Nakło Foundation, which works for economic development through sustainable farming of industrial hemp in south-central Poland, and which he currently serves as Director of Development. The Foundation also runs a “hemp hospitality” business and maintains a hemp retail shop and showroom at its headquarters in south central Poland, which also serves as a bed & breakfast.

Kehrt is the founder and past President, CEO and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VFP Communications, a Warsaw-based B2B media company and publisher Media & Marketing Polska, and is the former European Bureau Chief of Smart Grid Today.

During his newspaper career in the USA (1977-92), Kehrt worked for publishers in Indiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Rhode Island and Michigan. His career included stints as Page One Designer at the Providence (RI) Journal, Assistant Business Editor at The Detroit News, on the “Money” copy desk at USA Today, and as co-host of “Polish Echoes” on Radio WPON in Pontiac, Michigan.