Strengthening the market

HempTrade strives to strengthen market connections and advance the trade of hemp products at the wholesale level for branded and unbranded finished goods, and for bulk raw commodities. Along the way, our goal is to bring more transparency to these markets.

Versatile, natural, sustainable

Hemp is one of the oldest, most hearty and versatile plants on earth. It has been an important source of fibers, food and medicine throughout history. The industrial cannabis strain, known as hemp, produces fibre, oil and seeds. We support the use of the versatile hemp plant in everything from food, health and beauty products, clothing and construction to medicine. We believe that area-wide hemp farming combined with local processing, production and sales holds great promise to contribute to the economy, provide shelter, sustenance and good health – all the while helping to clean up the planet. Our aim is to connect producers with sellers as close as possible to the point of production – in keeping with our mission, and hemp’s promise, to help reduce our carbon footprint.