Hemp Animal Bedding

Ideal for small animals like guinea pigs, rats, mice, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, ferrets, chinchillas, reptiles and more. Larger packaging is excellent for horses, goats, cows, pigs, dogs, chickens, ducks and more.

No to very low dust. Very healthy for your pet. Organic sustainable 100% hemp plant.

Lasts 2x to 6x longer than regular animal bedding or cat litter. This is 100% compostable, significantly reduces pet odor.

Now Special price on 2 lbs and 5 lbs packaging!

Unit size: 2 lbs / 5 lbs / 30 pound
Minimum purchase: 10 units / 10 units / 1 unit
Ships from: Houston, Texas USA
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

    To get started, and for other sizes, products and prices, please provide the following information:

    Hemp Animal Bedding 2 lbsHemp Animal Bedding 5 lbsHemp Animal Bedding 30 pound

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    clean your animal bedding like normal and or your cat litter. Remove solids and areas where there is moisture from animal fluids. Hemp fiber is more absorbent that regular tree products like wood shavings or paper. In 1 acre Hemp produces as much fiber in 1 year as a forest of trees on 1 acre can produce in 20 years of growth. This is far more sustainable and better for all of us including your pets.