SHIV Micro Pouch (Handmade)

3 compartments, ideal for carrying your mobile, wallet, keys

Materials Available: 
Handmade Hemp fabric (Colors: Natural, Blue, Maroon, Brown, Black),
Cotton/Satin Linings. Can customize colors as per need.

Dimensions: 21cm x 18cm x 11cm

Unit size: 1 pouch
Minimum purchase: 50 pcs
Ships from: Nepal
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

    To get started, and for other sizes, products and prices, please provide the following information:

    SHIV Micro Pouch (Handmade)

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    In collaboration with local craftsmen we developed a range of “Exclusive” hemp bags. All the bags are hand embroidered. Each bag is unique. You can choose from our catalogue of existing pattern or get one done in a design and color of your choice. Please, contact us: [email protected].

    We specialize in Sampling & Manufacturing professional & utilitarian products from Nepalese hemp fiber and handmade fabric.

    We only do custom manufacturing and love to make new products and improvising existing ones everyday.

    Our every produce has a memorable story behind it. We enrich our products with contribution from local artisans and craftsmen.

    All our products are made with pure hemp fabric.

    • Raw hemp fibers are manually processed into yarns by the villages of western Nepal and woven into hemp fabric in Kathmandu.
    • The products are hand-crafted in the southern part of Nepal, generating employment in Dhanusha district – having highest rate of migrant workers in Nepal.