HurdMaster Hemp Decorticator

The HurdMaster MD1000 hemp decorticator is intended for small farming and processing operations and for CBD and marijuana producers who want to capitalize on leftover stems. The machine is designed for separating the cannabis stalk’s woody inner core (hurd, shivs, shives) from the exterior bast fibers. The resulting hurd can be used for hempcrete construction, as animal bedding and animal litter, or as plant bedding. With additional technology, the separated bast fibers can be further processed for a wide, wide variety of applications. [Story of the Hurdmaster: See the video] [Download brochure]

Unit size: 1 decorticator
Minimum purchase: €13,000 ($13,915)
Ships from: Latvia
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

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    The Micro-Hemp Decorticator designed to output high quality shivs (shives, hurd). Perfect for flower and seed growers, and food, cosmetics, and alternative medicine companies who want to monetize leftover stalks from their harvests; and for DIY builders & hempcrete building instructors.


    • The input is manual, so it means that the output is divided into roughly 1/1 shivs/fibre.
    • Produces shivs 5-30mm long for Hempcrete, animal bedding and plant bedding.
    • We are developing separation machinery to divide the shivs (which can be separated in 3 parts such as fine dust – very good to add for lime plastering).
    • The max size of the stalks up to 2 centimeters in diameter for input.


    • Hempcrete construction
    • Animal bedding
    • Animal litter
    • Plant bedding

    Technical specifications

    • Supply-220V / 1500W
    • Capacity: ~50kg/hr
    • Dimensions: 80cm X 200cm X 125cm (32” X 79” X 49”)
    • Weight: 260kg/575 lbs
    • Capacity: ~50kg/hr

    Key features

    • Compact, simple design
    • Easy to operate
    • Chain driven
    • Durable parts including stainless steel rollers
    • Minimal maintenance