Hemp Bar Shampoo

We offer the following variety of bar shampoos: Hemp and May Chang, Hemp and Mango, Hemp and Coconut, Hemp and Raspberry, and Jim’s Beard Bar Shampoo with Hemp & Palo Santo.

  • Produced in Poland
  • Available in versions for greasy, normal and weak hair
  • It can last up to 50 uses
  • Packed in a metal tin or paper, when we buy “refill”
  • Weights 55g
  • Very nice composition; uses SCI
  • The pH tested is in the range of 4-5 pH

Unit size: 1 bar
Minimum purchase: 50 units
Ships from: Poland
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

    To get started, and for other sizes, products and prices, please provide the following information:

    Hemp Bar ShampooHemp Beard OilHemp Pure Foaming SoapNatural Liquid Soap with Hemp ExtractHemp Soap with Micro Peeling

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    Our innovative cosmetic products are based on hemp oil and created with a “no-waste” philosophy; the products do not result in any plastic or other harmful waste. Vegetarian and vegan friendly, our products are not tested on animals, thereby meeting all European standards for cosmetics.

    H&H’s bar shampoo formulas result in a mild wash designed for all skin sensitivities and hair types. While compact in design – perfect for a travel kit – one bar provides about 50 shampoos.