Hemp Designer Rugs (Handwoven)

Simple style, reflecting the natural materials, while influenced by the intense abstractions and improvisations of traditional Anatolian kilims.

Different sizes.
Length: 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) – 9 feet 10 inches (300 cm)
Width: 3 feet 12 inches (121 cm) – 6 feet 8 inches (203 cm)
Area: 24 square feet (2.2 square meters) – 64.5 square feet (6 square meters)
Weight: 11 Pounds (5 kilograms) – 29 Pounds (13 kilograms)

Unit size: 1 rug
Minimum purchase: $500
Ships from: Canada
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

    To get started, and for other sizes, products and prices, please provide the following information:

    Hemp Designer Rugs (Handwoven)Hemp Vintage Rugs (Handwoven)

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    Hemp designer rugs are handwoven on traditional vertical looms, following age old Turkish kilim weaving techniques much like the rugs in our vintage collection. The Romanian hemp yarn in our rugs is grown on local farms from improved hemp fiber varieties using low environmental impact techniques, and the fiber is processed in a modern long-fiber textile mill without cottonization. Our rugs are made to be cherished and loved through generations, their beauty developing with their age. The hemp yarn used for the warp, the undyed lengthwise threads that constitute the internal structure of the rug, are custom manufactured for us since they are double the standard diameter used in the dyed weft yarns. Our aim in choosing this yarn for the warp is to create a sturdy rug, lying firmly on the floor, without any need for extra padding. We hope our rugs will bring you joy and add a positive spirit to your living or work environment.