Product Submission Tips

Filling in the product submission form:

Product name – Give two alternatives for the name; this assists in setting up your search profile.
Unit size – The price displayed is your wholesale price for one single unit.
Minimum purchase – This is your decision as you will handle all logistics, etc. in direct contact with the customer. However, we require a minimum total purchase of €500.
Short description – Up to 25 words explaining your product
Long description – More thorough explanation of product (300 words maximum). Carefully define the features that make your product stand out.

Samples of information to include in your descriptions:

  • Unique selling points.
  • The story behind your product; how it was created.
  • Technical and scientific indicators regarding ingredients, etc.


Product descriptions

  • Do not exaggerate the benefits of your products using such terms as “The Best,” “No. 1,” “First in the World,” etc.
  • Refrain from using all caps.
  • Refrain from using marketing slang. Our customers are smarter than that.

Photos – Quality images, 1000 x 1000 pixels. High quality photographs are very important in the first instant to grab a customer’s attention. Please submit high-quality photographs where the product is shown from many angles and in detail. Because we often print these images in various editions of HempToday print magazine, we require high resolution images at least 1,000 px on the long edge. If you need photos made of your products, we can provide that service for a moderate fee and a donation of the product samples to our Foundation. We also provide web design, photography and graphic design services which can be specifically created to most effectively integrate your sales into the HempTrade and HempToday environments.

Supplies available – We expect our producer/sellers to be able to meet orders within a reasonable time frame, to be worked out directly with the buying partner (customer).

Sample requests – Clients may request samples; the burden of the costs involved here are to be worked out between the buyer and producer/seller. As a producer/seller, we recommend that you submit a sampling policy to be published in the profiles of your products. You may be as specific as: “We sell samples at our best wholesale price; Customer pays for shipping of samples;” or as general as “Samples to be worked out between producer and buyer.”