2021 Planting Seeds: Order now!


  • For European and North American Latitudes; Low risk of ‘hot’ crops
  • Units (bags) as small as 1kg for small farmers and research trials
  • Bulk purchases start at 500kg (1,102 lbs.) (1 pallet)
  • Multiple seed varieties in a range of packed unit sizes may make up bulk shipments
  • Hempoint provides all necessary paperwork for shipments in the EU and abroad.

Certified planting seed: Our certified hemp seeds come from the fields of our breeder partners, who are long-time stewards of a wide variety of hemp seeds. As one of Europe’s leading consultants to farmers, cooperatives and other initiatives in growing and processing hemp, we are actively involved in research & development projects focused on seed multiplication, breeding and the production of organic hemp for seeds, fiber and flowers.

With our 10 years of experience, will are happy to consult with you on your seed selections.

About Hempoint Planting Seeds

  • Hempoint offers cultivation seed for fiber, grain and flowers.
  • EU hemp varieties were developed and are proven at latitudes conducive to hemp growing in the USA‘s “hemp zones” in addition to Europe.
  • Varieties are bred to 0.2% THC under strict European rules; reducing risk of “hot” crops.
  • Hempoint offers bulk sales to co-ops, industrial-scale operators, research initiatives and other institutional buyers.
  • Hempoint has embarked on an initiative to support U.S. farmers big and small, with the underlying goal to advance the hemp grain and fiber sectors.
  • Hempoint, which recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary, has long standing relations with European cultivation seed suppliers, ensuring quality and supply.
  • The 15 Certified European hemp varieties are from France, Romania, Hungary.

If you already know which varieties you wish to order,  place your order now.