Winter-Retted Hemp Fiber (ton)

Winter-retted hemp fiber. The fiber length is between 5 and 1200cm. Shiv/hurd content is <5%. Fiber is delivered in 70-80 kg bales (60x60x80cm).
Unit size: 1 ton
Minimum purchase: 2 tons
Ships from: Latvia
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

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Finnish winter-retted hemp fiber is harvested after cold winter in spring. When the sun comes up in the spring and warms the fiber, it goes through a natural process which removes most of the pectin, sugars and other compounds often regarded as waste materials. The fiber surface makes it an ideal raw material for biocomposites – there’s plenty of room for adhesion between the fiber and matrix material, which leads to stronger end products.

The fiber is delivered in 70-80 kg bales (60x60x80cm). The fiber length is between 5-1200cm , shiv/hurds content is <5%. Color is light brown or light yellow.