Hemp Salt for Slim Body

This hemp salt is great to season meat, white sauces and pickled vegetables.

Unit size: 90 grams
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Ships from: Czech Republic
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Apologies, we do not ship our hemp to US. Our food products are not FDA approved.

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For great figure
Sea salt, hemp, pepper of four colors

Pepper not only increases the activity of gastric juices, but it speeds up metabolism and thus assists in maintaining a great figure. It is suitable not only for use with meat but you can also add it to white sauces and pickled vegetables.

The raw plant material which we use for the production of our salts and teas is produced in Czech Republic by handmade harvest and dried with temperatures below 42°C.

Tip: The label on the glass jar is only a foil which can be easily removed and the jar can be reused.
Packaging: 90g glass spice jars.

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Country of Origin

Czech Republic

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24 pieces