Hemp Mattress

Well naturaly sleeping. Hemp mattresses in dimensions:

L 200cm W 90cm H 14cm / L 200cm W 100cm H 14cm / L 200cm W 120m H 14cm / L 200cm W 140cm H 14cm / L 200cm W 160cm H 14cm / L 200cm W 180cm H 14cm / L 200cm W 200cm H 14cm

  • Special dimensions can be delivered upon request
  • Delivery is made approximately 30 days after ordering
  • Pesticide-free cultivation
  • Excellent sleeping conditions
  • Antibacterial and antistatic, making it germ- and dust repellent
  • Very good moisture transfer
  • High, permanent point of elasticity
  • Handcrafted
  • Suitable for people suffering from allergies

Unit size: 1 mattress
Minimum purchase: $500
Ships from: Germany
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

    To get started, and for other sizes, products and prices, please provide the following information:

    Hemp MattressHemp Futon

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    Hand-made hemp mattresses are characterised by the crafted hemp fibres, an excellent ability to absorb moisture, and a fixed surface elasticity. The underlying core is made from natural latex, and ensures a high and permanently point of elasticity. Hemp fibres are antibacterial and antistatic by nature, meaning that they have a germ- and dust repellent effect. Thanks to its temperature regulating characteristic, it warms you on cool days and cools you down during summer nights. It is supported by a layer of stitched new sheep’s wool, which also helps to create an excellent micro-climate. The naturally white and unbleached cover consists of a durable hemp fabric, which has been made using hemp cultivated without the use of pesticides.