CBD Oil (In bulk)

Top-quality gold CO2 hemp extract rich in naturally occurring cannabinoids. Available in bulk in different carrier options (Hempseed oil/Olive oil/MCT) and flavours.

Unit size: On-demand
Minimum purchase: 1 kg
Shipping info: Ships from Poland ONLY to EU countries.
Does NOT include shipping costs or any applicable taxes.

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    CBD Oil (In bulk)

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    HemPoland CBD extracts are produced with CO2 extraction method under the close supervision of PhD scientists, highly experienced in innovative extraction methods. Our production site is equipped in custom-engineered machinery for Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) built specifically for producing Hemp extracts. Thanks to that, our oils contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids and other natural substances (such as CBC – cannabichromene, CBG – cannabigerol, CBDV – cannabidivarin, ß-caryophyllene or omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) naturally available in Hemp.

    Each batch of extracts is a subject to detailed analysis at every stage of production, which ensures that the product is 100% safe and guarantees its composition. In addition to the extensive research carried our by our scientists, each batch of product is also controlled by external laboratories, testing it for microbiological purity and absence of heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful substances.

    All our extract are standarised for CBD concetration using carrier oil. Available standard concentrations include:

      • CBD 5%, THC<0,2%
      • CBD 10%, THC<0,2%
      • CBD 15%, THC<0,2%
      • CBD 20%, THC<0,2%
      • CBD 30%, THC<0,2%

    Available carriers: CBD oil in bulk can be based on Hempseed, Olive or MCT upon your request.
    Available flavours: Orange, Lemon, Mint
    Concentration range : 1% – 30%
    THC range:  ≤ 0,2%
    MOQ: 100kg

    Producer profile:
    HemPoland Sp. z o.o is a leading European producer of CBD, CBG and other hemp-based extracts, a subsidiary of The Green Organic Dutchman – Canadian global leader in cultivating premium, certi­fied organic cannabis. As a vertically integrated global player we are experienced in all aspects of CBD/ CBG production value chain. Our CannabiGold brand – The Golden CBD oil – earned international recognition as European quality leader.