Our Policies: How HempTrade Works

HempTrade strives to strengthen market connections and advance the trade of hemp products at the wholesale level for branded and unbranded finished goods, and for bulk raw commodities. Along the way, our goal is to bring more transparency to these markets.

Marketers, not middlemen

As a strictly marketing and matchmaking platform, Hemptradepro.com helps buyers and sellers connect, but we don’t sit in the middle of your business. We handle no funds and encourage our buying and selling partners to deal directly with each other on a normal transactional basis. We believe this kind of communication strengthens the market in the most efficient way. Seeing the level of transactions and what goods are in demand gives us insight into the overall market which we can report to you so you can make strategic adjustments.

Listings: Offer price, or not. You decide.

Listings on HempTrade are charged annually on a per-product basis. Those firms who do not wish to post their wholesale prices pay a surcharge for the listing itself. When an order or query through HempTrade is placed, we see that this communication has started to happen as the documentation is also copied to us. While the listing fees are annual, the commission amount and the payment cycle are open to negotiation between HempTrade and the producer/seller at the outset of our business together.

Warranted suppliers

We carry out basic due diligence on our producer/suppliers and endeavor to keep only the highest quality goods and products from the most dependable companies on HempTrade. We often review products before allowing them to be marketed through our platform.